Senin, 10 Agustus 2015

Welcome to My New House


This is my launching to be focus about risk management world. I'm very newbie in here but I will be expert for the next years. Amiinn

Why I want become expert in risk management? First, that course is very interesting and I want more booster my knowledge. Second, based discussion to my senior that only few people expert in this field, so If I expert too in this field I hope I can't moved far away from my family again (It's very hurt, you know). Third, because RM has great competence, we can have certification to show so I can approved about this competence.

For the next steps, I'll try to review about risk management journal. So I can rich my brain about this topic. After that, I must made article and send it to my institution magazine. Of course, I want to get master risk management, my target campus in Nottingham University

This niche blog can be my branding, so I can be recognized by people. When people remember me, they remember risk management. Uh..so sweet. And sorry for the grammar mistake I made because I'm still learning about structure. Thanks ^.^

Hamasah, Uwi!!

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  1. Tsaaadeessttttt mba wiikk tsadeessssttttt
    Hamasah Mba Wi!!!!